What Makes a Family

Author: Hannah Bruner
Illustrator: Sandie Sonke
Publisher: Hannah Bruner
Publication Date: October 6, 2021
Theme: Family, Inclusion
Grade level: 3rd-5th

What Makes a Family by Hannah Bruner


This book explores different types of families from blended families to foster families and all the families in-between. This inclusive picture book teaches children and grown-ups alike that no matter how a family is created, what truly makes a family is choosing to love.

Why I Choose this Book

No two families look exactly the same. It is important to recognize this and support others who are different. Love is the most important thing about family. I like this book because it teaches children that all families are unique but share one commonality – love. Growing up in a blended family has taught me this message and I hope this book encourages people to more accepting.

Book Activity

Students draw a picture of their family.