My Girl Scout Silver Award

Helping Foster Kids in Harris County.

Kids Care Houston is a project helping foster care kids in Harris County. The goal is to make foster kids feel more cared and accepted. We want to help make a difficult situation better. Our goal is to distribute stuffed animals to theĀ Harris County Family Court Judges so that they can give one to each newly adopted child in their courtroom. We also collect small pieces of luggage and formal wear.

This is a Girl Scout Silver Award project by Megan Carson and Ella Malinsky. With the help of our fearless mentor, Melanie Bragg, who is an attorney and author, we’ve connected with local judges who work with foster kids everyday.

As part of our project we also volunteered at a non-profit organization called BEAR. They provide the bare necessities to Child Protective Services (CPS) workers so they can help meet the basic needs of the children they are working with.


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