Say Hello

Author, Illustrator: Rachel Isadora
Publisher: Nancy Paulsen Books
Publication Date: Illustrated edition May 2017
Theme: Diversity
Grade Level: Pre-K-2nd


Carmelita enjoys greeting everyone in her neighborhood while walking her dog, Manny. On her walks she sees neighbors of varying races and cultures and learns how to say hello in many different languages.

Why I Choose This Book

This book introduces different languages and cultures through vibrant illustrations. A young girl greets her neighbors who come from all walks of life in their language. The book shows the neighbors and their families in religious clothing and participating in cultural activities. The back of the book includes how to pronounce the words. I choose this book because hello is a simple word but can mean a lot to people if said in their language. I always try to expose myself to many different languages. The book has bright colors that appeal to all ages.

Book Activity

Download and print the activity sheet. Students color the word “hello” in many world languages.