Gustavo, the Shy Ghost

Author & Illustrator: Flavia Z. Drago
Publisher: Walker Books
Publication Date: September 2021
Theme: Cultural celebrations, holidays
Grade Level: Pre-K-1st


Gustavo is a shy ghost who wants to make friends with the monsters at his school, but he just doesn’t know how to talk to people. One day he gets up the courage to invite them all to listen to his violin concert at a Day of the Dead party in the cemetery. When no one shows up, Gustavo is heartbroken.

Why I Choose This Book

The book shows children what a Day of the Dead might look like in a story with ghosts and monsters. A big aspect aside from honoring ancestors is music. In Addition to highlighting the holiday it also tells the story of how a young ghost overcame his social anxiety and made friends.

Book Activity

Download and print the activity sheet. Students decorate their own violin.